Bruce Vaught Artiste'


Bruce Vaught Artiste'



1:  a skilled adept public performer; specifically :  a musical or theatrical entertainer

2:  an artistic or creative person

3:  a person driven mad by all the above who doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks about it

4:  sorry for using profanity (I love you anyway)


Welcome to Bruce Vaught Artiste'!

I've created this site to share my creative gifts and hope you enjoy perusing through my collection of artistic offerings. I'm a visual artist, wedding officiant, and singer/songwriter as well as performing musician and guitar teacher living in Gilbert, Arizona. I'm also fiercely passionate about motorcycles and cooking exquisitely intimate meals for dear hearts in my home. And often I refer to myself as a universal citizen who resides across several time zones on planet Earth.

In addition to the services offered on my main page, I occasionally share my intimate thoughts under the ME link and have created a short bio under the NAKED tab. Lastly, any inquiries regarding items of interest will go directly to my inbox through the REACH link.

However you found your way here, I trust you were led and am delighted and grateful to share my somewhat quirky yet heartfelt tiny corner of the galaxy. I do hope you find something in my content to brighten your day and lift your spirits.

Thank you for visiting and be blessed!


Bruce Vaught Music

Bruce Vaught Music


'ZEN: Music For Daydreamers' is Officially Released!

My first full album of meditative music arrived on May 15 and is being self-released for a limited time as a physical CD only. I couldn't possibly sum up here the magical mysterious journey that swept me away for four months during the recording process. I've never composed this kind of music and each day was an expedition into uncharted territory as the melodies and ideas revealed themselves. I was merely a participant as the Universe supplied the creative and artistic recordings you'll hear over seven extended trax totaling more than 70 minutes. Experience the waking desert and its inhabitants on "Sonoran Dawn." Plunge into the ocean's depths on "Journey To Atlantis." Be transported into outer space by a funky computerized interstellar jazz band on "Cosmic Jazz." And end your day with a relaxing guided meditation vocal track titled "Sanctuary." There's much more, of course, and hopefully a little something that will allow everyone to get lost in a daydream. And each copy will be numbered and personally inscribed on the inside jacket with a blessing or note of thanks.


The initial run of 100 personally inscribed & numbered physical CD's are gone, and I'll be moving the album soon to digital online outlets. I enjoyed so much writing a personal note inside the album jacket as I fulfilled each order, and I've become quite proficient with the self-serve mailing kiosk at the local post office! I'll update this page when the album drops and will include the links for downloading.

The Making Of 'Behind the Daydream' Teaser Trailer

I'm working on a documentary short film that will allow you to peek behind the curtain and see how the album was created:




I've created sample trax of 'ZEN: Music For Daydreamers' on my SoundCloud page, which can be accessed through the link below. Each clip is approximately one minute in length and will give you an idea of the overall sonic texture of the album. Enjoy and stay ZEN!

Guitar Instruction

I first picked up a guitar when I was about 8 years old and nothing on this earth has connected with me quite like that instrument. It's hard to explain, but I can't really take credit for many of the melodies that seem to flow through me and run out of my fingertips. I'm just a vessel, I think. A receptacle or universal receiver that does its best to keep that dial firmly tuned and fixed on some ethereal frequency. And it's my heart's desire to pass along my gift as it was given to me.

In addition to my year-round bookings, I teach guitar in the privacy of my home studio. I have very affordable pricing options for lessons and am available for distance learning sessions, based on previous experience. My teaching model is designed for students of any age who wish to learn the guitar and make music. Please use the REACH tab for lesson inquiries.

Booking Information

I am available for wedding receptions, house concerts, or other private events where my music and interactive style of performing would create a lasting memory. I have close to four hours of material in my repertoire including originals and cover songs. My pricing packages are very affordable and I have a self-contained sound system requiring one power outlet. Please use the REACH tab for inquiries.


Aug 9             The Coffee Shop @ Agritopia  7-9 PM

Aug 16              The Coffee Shop @ Agritopia  7-9 PM

Aug 23             The Coffee Shop @ Agritopia  7-9 PM

Aug 30          The Coffee Shop @ Agritopia  7-9 PM

Sep 6             The Coffee Shop @ Agritopia  7-9 PM

Sep 13             The Coffee Shop @ Agritopia  7-9 PM

Sep 20            The Coffee Shop @ Agritopia  7-9 PM

Sep 27            The Coffee Shop @ Agritopia  7-9 PM


Friday evenings are very special to me, an opportunity to share my music in a sacred space. The owners of The Coffee Shop at Agritopia have been very generous the past seven years providing a performing venue that I can call my own. I've made many friends through those magical evenings and would love to entertain you there!


3000 E Ray Rd
Gilbert, AZ, US
Phone: 480-279-3144


Bruce Vaught Artist

Bruce Vaught Artist


My art pieces are a reflection of my relationships, my values and beliefs, and my music. There is intense emotion expressed through the wide and brilliant use of colors that speak to and through me. As I find so true with all my artistic tendencies, the creative process has very little to do with me. I'm merely a carbon-based creature by which the universe splashes and flows acrylic across a canvas.

One of my greatest pleasures is displaying my art at festivals. I've met the most delightful people and engaged in enriching conversations about art and life. It's also a beautiful thing to connect with other artisans, some of whom have become dear friends and continue to inspire and influence my work. 

To view my entire collection and make purchase selections, follow the GET navigation tab. Once there, you may scroll through all my pieces or select a specific gallery at the bottom of the page. I have limited prints, where specified, and most of my pieces are originals on canvas. This allows me to customize based on size, color, or other customer preferences. I'd be delighted to personalize something special for you, so please use the REACH tab to inquire about custom options and commissions.

BONUS: If you live in the greater Phoenix area, I will deliver your beautiful art right to your doorstep. This saves shipping costs and allows me to meet you and thank you personally for loving and purchasing my work!

A wedding gift I made for some dear friends that is prominently displayed in their living room

* Each one of my creations, whether a limited print or original, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is personally signed by me

The incomparable L.A. artist Ora Tamir

My lovely artist friend Nichole Gaitan


Bruce Vaught Wedding Officiant

Bruce Vaught Wedding Officiant


I became ordained as a method of connecting with and serving others from my heart. Officiating weddings has also provided an opportunity to give my gift of music either during the ceremony or at the reception dinner. Meeting with couples and hearing about their journey toward one another allows me to craft and personalize a wedding ceremony that is intimate and memorable. The blessings I receive through this service are some of my most treasured and heartfelt experiences. I'm available for free consultations and have designed several very affordable packages with a personal touch you likely won't find anywhere else!

It's my honor conduct to your ceremony, whether civil, faith-based/spiritual, or same-sex. I also enjoy performing vow renewal/recommitment ceremonies. Please use the REACH tab for inquiries about my wedding officiant services and bookings. While it's customary for my lodging to be provided if I'm required to travel and a same-day return trip is not possible, I do not charge for meals or mileage. I consider this service a wonderful opportunity to unite couples and my fees reflect that commitment.